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Poster: Jonathan Aizen Date: Nov 8, 2002 10:44pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Re: Suggestion

Okay - cool features. I think a number of them I can implement in the current forum system.

> a quoting system making it easier to know who youre replying to

not too hard and very useful.

> this forum loads upon loading of

that's the way we want it. we want the forums to be on the pages they're related to... that is one of the reasons we elected to write our own forum system. if it loads too slow, we can consider cutting down the number of posts it shows. right now i think it shows the last 200 top-level posts.

> The ability to manipulate the threads in order to make prominant the more important discussions
> reply to a recent response in an old thread

the main page displays the 50 most recent posts, regardless of when the first post appeared. i would highly suggest you visit that page to see what's new.

i'm sure vbulliten is good. the archive used to use ubbthreads, which was also a very very nice product. one problem is, as far as i know there are no third party products which will integrate with an existing, custom, login system. no one will want to register two accounts to use the internet archive. when trying to get ubbthreads to work within the context of the current site, i had more or less managed to get the two login system intertwined, but the number of days i spent working on it, and then the continued trouble i had integrating it with the rest of the site just didn't make it worthwhile.

but the features you point out are certainly nice, and i will attempt (when time permits) to bring some of them in. especially quoting.

keep the feature list coming, i definitely think there is room for improvement.